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Inspired by the Highland landscape, our WellBe homes are designed to cater for your individual needs to enable you to live more comfortably.  

These homes also allow you to benefit from being more in touch with nature; each window and door has been placed specifically to allow easy contact with the environment surrounding the home.  These windows and doors allow for good ventilation rates in the summer whilst keeping you warm and cosy in the winter. The open plan kitchen-living area benefits from a cathedral ceiling and glazing, which offers increased natural light and sense of space.  

Camore Forest, Dornoch

As is implied by the name, WellBe homes prioritise your wellbeing; offering accessibility, storage, plenty of natural light and easy contact with the outdoors.  Your WellBe home is future-proofed allowing it to be adapted to suit as your lifestyle changes. We have placed reinforced walls and ceiling structures strategically to make adaptations easily; increasing your home’s usability for a lifetime. Examples of adaptations include: Adding level access shower in the bathroom and further extensions to the kitchen-living area.  

As with our other ranges, these spacious homes are designed to blend beautifully into any rural setting whilst exceeding current UK building regulations. 

From the table off of which we eat, musical instruments we play, to the roof over our heads; trees are an intrinsic part of our everyday lives. Taking this as inspiration and the longevity they represent; these homes are named after Highland forests.