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✓ Certified and STA Assured

One of the best things about building your own home is the ability to create something that is entirely unique to you and your lifestyle. It is also one of the reasons that each project has a different timeline and there is no set rule for how long your build will take.

Using our wealth of experience, we have put together a timeline showing approximate timings for each stage of the self-build process. This can be a useful guide when starting to draft your self-build plan. 

For more information, please visit our Resource Centre for Self-Builders.

Great! You’ve decided to self-build your next home, but you are wondering where to start? Setting a budget and figuring out what you can afford to build is a fantastic starting point. Our Build Cost Calculator is a great place to start.

We pride ourselves in offering assistance and guidance to the the self-builder at all stages of their project covering everything from finding sites, costings, discussing house designs and sourcing contractors so please feel free to contact our sales or design teams at any time.

It’s time to design!

Our in-house design team has many years experience in providing Architectural Services to our clients and are happy to offer guidance and advice at any stage.

A computer aided design service is available through our team. We also provide all necessary drawings, specification, SAP calculations and kit / truss structural certificates.

We have developed a method of bringing Virtual Reality and 360 degree panoramic visualisations to your home or phone using web based technology.

Virtual Reality allows us to transport our clients into a fully interactive 3D environment, giving them the opportunity to explore a representation of a particular room, floor or build design as a whole. Click on the images below to experience Virtual Reality versions of some of our designs. Find out more about our Virtual Reality experience here.

The tricky stage of the self-build process!

We are committed to ensuring your self-build journey is as stress-free as possible.

We prides ourselves in offering assistance and guidance to the the self-builder at all stages of their project this even includes submitting applications for planning and building warrant approval on your behalf at no extra cost apart from the statutory fees.

There’s lots to consider here!

Our timber frame homes are available on a supply only basis, delivered direct to your site.

As standard, all our panels are supplied with open framing, clad on the outside with 9 mm Orientated Strand Board (OSB).  Once erected on site the panels are infilled with insulation and finished internally.

This method does require more work on site. However, as the panels are lighter it reduces the need for expensive plant equipment needed for the construction of your home.

We can also supply closed wall panels also known as SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels). Using this system, the panels arrive on site fully insulated.  This system can speed up the construction process. However, the panels are much heavier and will require expensive plant machinery to erect. This, of course, adds an additional expense to your project.

Dependent on your project, your initial journey with us will end once your kit has been delivered to your site. We are, of course, on hand to help where we can throughout your self-build journey. 

The magic step in your self-build project!

Depending on the size of your home, from arrival onsite to the wind and water-tight stage takes on average 2 weeks. Find out more about this here.

We offer an optional kit erection service however, by the time we add in travel and subsistence costs it is unlikely to be competitive. For this reason, this service is confined to within 50 miles of our bases.

Instead, we recommend you appoint a trusted local builder to erect your Timber Frame Kit. Most builders should be able to do this easily as we provide full working drawings and an erection manual provides all necessary information.

Your builder does not need to be NHBC registered. However, if you are looking for a single contractor to undertake a full build service, we recommend you ensure the contractor you use is NHBC registered.

Please note, we do not provide a turnkey service.

Phew! Now your home has been constructed it is time for the follow on trades to begin. This includes roofing contractors as well as electricians and plumbers.

Unless of course, you are able and willing to do the internal fitting out etc yourself.