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Our ‘Eco-Homes Range’ is designed to meet the Government’s ambition for all new homes to be carbon neutral. This means the design, specification, construction and occupation need to be considered collectively to create a home which is not only comfortable but also has the lowest possible carbon footprint.

The ‘Eco-Homes Range’ features designs that maximise the benefits of natural light and solar gain. It is important to remember the sun rises in the east, passes through south and sets in the west.

Ideally, all dayrooms (kitchen, dining, sitting) should face south / west. The only exception might be where there is a particular view you wish to capture, in which case rooms should be double or triple aspect so as to get at least one window facing south.

If you want early morning sunshine to enter bedrooms they need to face east. Utility rooms, bathrooms, en-suites and stores, which do not need much natural light can face north. Similarly, an attached garage should be positioned on the north or east elevation.

Typically, ‘Eco-Homes’ will feature large areas of glazing facing south and small windows facing north. Many include single or double storey ‘sun rooms’ to make the most of the sun’s heat, which then permeates through the rest of the house.

The ‘Eco-Homes Range’ are highly insulated with double glazing constructed with low emissivity glass and argon gas filled cavity. Triple glazing is available at extra cost. In addition, our ‘Eco-Homes Range’ will require the installation of a heat recovery and ventilation system, by others.