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The ‘Croft House Range’ compliments both our ‘Cottage’ and ‘Countryside’ ranges with the designs taking their inspiration in respect of proportion and appearance from the traditional Highland Croft house. Common features including narrow gables with chimneys, steep pitched roofs and windows with a vertical emphasis.

The hub in a traditional croft house is a large kitchen/diner, but alternative open plan or lounge/dining configuration work equally well and may suit modern lifestyles better. Building form may be either long and straight, ‘T’ shaped or ‘L’ shaped.

All designs in the ‘Croft House Range’ can be extended in length to provide more space in any room, a utility or en-suite shower (where the design does not already offer such accommodation) or maybe additional storage space. Features such as an open fire / chimney or stove / flue and an integral garage can be incorporated into any design. Also, all designs can be flipped or mirrored to provide the correct orientation.

In essence these house designs are intended for clients who desire a traditional Highland vernacular appearance or where planning constraints demand it. The aim is for the completed house to sit in the landscape as if it has been there for generations.