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Mr MacLeod, Bruernish, Isle of Barra

Mr MacLeod lives ona remote Scottish island with very few housing to buy so he decided to build a house for his family on his croft land especially since the Scottish government were offering grant to do this in remote rural areas as long as the croft land was worked.

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Armadale Hall

The Armadale Committee’s original plan was to refurbish the existing village hall, which was looking a ‘bit sorry for itself after a lack of maintenance.’  However, they soon discovered the only thing holding the main hall floor up was bits of wood and rocks so were advised they would need to take it down completely and start from scratch. 

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Mr & Mrs Bowers

Mr & Mrs Bowers had always wanted to build their own home. They searched for the perfect idyllic spot for some time before settling on Inver.

“It was so peaceful, calm, and quiet, such a beautiful place to build a home and retire.”

Mr & Mrs Bowers had lived in Southampton for 41 years, so Inver was a major change of pace and scenery.

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Mr & Mrs Hess, Heathcliff, Brough, Caithness

Retired Philadelphian police captain, Fred Hess and his wife first visited Caithness  back in 1989 and fell in love with the beautiful, picturesque countryside the county has to offer.

After numerous further visits they bought their plot near Dunnet Head in 1993. Their first thoughts were to rehabilitate the derelict cottage on the plot but after speaking to a local architect and then coming to Norscot, they decided self-build was their best option.

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Mr A Gunn, Newton of Swiney, Lybster, Caithness

Mr Gunn spent his childhood growing up in the town of Lybster. Although he lived away in Aberdeen for some years, Lybster was always his home, and when he acquired a big plot of land he knew right away that he wanted to self-build there. The piece of land was previously owned by his grandparents, who lived in the house next door, which made the location even more nostalgic to him.

Mr Gunn browsed a number of companies before settling on Norscot to supply his timber frame kit. He chose Norscot as they not only offered the best price but also because they manufactured eco-kits which was something he was eager to use for the build.

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