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Fill in the form below to view an estimation of build cost based on your use of contractors and project location. This guide is not intended to be used as an estimating service for specific projects.

If your selection is from our ‘Classic Range’ or of your own design, please input the floor area (m²) and select ‘Get Build Cost’.

Please refer to our notes section, (right of the calculator) for more information on what’s included within the generated cost, or use our What’s Included In A Norscot Kit page for additional information and a full item list.

First, select the number of storeys:

Second, select the route you intend to take to build your Norscot Kit Home:

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Finally, either choose your Norscot Kit Home or enter the floor area (m²) of your own design:



The generated cost includes the cost of the Kit and is based on the standard Norscot Kit Home specification and assumes you will incorporate modestly priced kitchen units, appliances and bathroom fittings.

It has been assumed the site is reasonably level, ground conditions are normal and mains services are close to hand.

If going along Routes 1 & 2 you will need to employ a suitably qualified building professional to supervise the work for mortgage purposes.

The cost excludes the price of the land (Plot) or any contingencies you may wish to allow for.